In the Name of Mother Earth,

is an association which organizes a First meeting bearing the same name.

It is a bridge that allows a meeting highlighting our human fabric, its roots, its cultural diversity, its different cosmogonies. A project that offers a gateway to a solid, sustainable tomorrow, full of avenues for achieving this long-awaited new era.

We are twelve such different people, united by an authentic faith in the strength of a group and the will to engage, to challenge ourselves, to change paradigm. Challenge which dares to believe in the capacity of UNITY of the HUMAN.

To give more momentum to this movement we need your help. You can make free donations, and / or join the association, and / or decide to attend this great meeting!

The team

Creator Woman of the event

and meeting coordinator

Lilia Ayala is a medicine-woman, from a Guarani lineage, and a practitioner of holistic medicine. Today, she supports women in the path of medicine-woman. His relationship with Mother Earth has been deep from a young age.

"Walk my word, have the constancy to co-create together, to join our knowledge, and from our deep foundations create bridges of peace, equity and harmony and thus repair our links with our Mother-Earth".

The Weaver Team

History of Women.

History of Men,

History of HUMans,

Powerful in our humanity, our ability to listen, our joy and our intuition, we are 12 people gathered around the Pachamama, United in the crossing of the veil of the invisible, we are women-medicine and men of faith who work with love, respect, strength and humility to honor the living.


Anchored in our approach, through our discussions and our meetings, we offer everyone a highlight of their potential for transformation.


Aware of the urgent need for all of us to unite, it seemed obvious to us to form the Team and get involved in projects around the Earth, our Mother.

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