In the name of mother earth

July 10 - 11, 2021 in FRANCE!
1 st edition in Marrakech
July 10-11, 2021

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It is a meeting, a two-day seminar of conferences, exchanges, exhibitions around our Mother Earth.

What if we rewrite a story?

We wanted to write a first page in African Land, it will be, we all hope, the next chapter and we will begin to weave here, in France, in Provence, on the land of Forcalquier.

The Promise of a Weaving of our human fabric made from our roots, our cultural diversity, by bringing together our ancestral knowledge, in symbiosis with our current modernity. This meeting is intended to be favorable to social, economic and cultural exchanges in order to create a real convergence towards a more harmonious world and to establish solid and lasting bridges.
Lumière & Conscience, Terramama and the whole Team wish, during these meetings, to contribute to the reinforcement of human capacities and to highlight our infinite riches. It will be a sharing event in France, in Forcalquier at the Couvent des Cordeliers.



They come from differents continents and known as "root peoples", they wish to share their experiences, their cosmogony and their relationship to the universe. A transmission of their link with Mother Earth, which is precious to share nowadays.

Mr. Pierre Rabhi is unable to join us for this edition. He handed us the following letter: 


"Dear friends, dearest all, 

It is with considerable regret that I cannot be here with you, for this meeting "In the Name of Mother-Earth". 

I particularly want to apologize to those who likely came from far away and whom I won't be able to meet. 

With things as they are, I attempt, through this brief message, to share with all of you what means the most to me. As you may know, the question of the indigenous people, the "roots" people, has concerned me for many years. Proof of this is the honor I had to preface two books dedicated to them, Pierre de Vallombreuse's "Roots people", a beautiful photography book , and Sabah Rahmani's "Words of the roots people. Plea for the Earth", this to confirm my personal attachment to these people. Indeed, the affection I have for these communities has long been injured because of the condition imposed on them throughout the world, heralding, forward, their full eradication, whether the overall opinion keeps mistaking them as leftovers of a bygone world.

I believe that they are the key witnesses of  a take, an idea of  life, of which all humankind, in the doldrums and nonsense it is sinking in, will depend more than never. 

I wish you to make beautiful and enlightening encounters.

To you all, with my deepest friendship,


Pierre Rabhi" 


The artists

Several artists will be at the rendezvous.
Plastic surgeons, in close relation with Mother Earth, will exhibit their works in the premises of the "Couvent des Cordeliers", poems will blow strong words, magic words and the musicians will accompany these meetings and make our hearts vibrate.

Aloe feuilles
lotus Grand Lotus
MN james-brunt-materiaux-naturels-art-an

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